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  1. Consultation
  2. Site Design/Redesign
  3. App Design
  4. Graphic Design

Service: Consultation


Our consultation prices are generally set around 50-150 depending on the size of the site you are requesting our advice on.

Size Pages Quote
Small 1-5 50
Medium 6-10 100
Large 11+ 150+

Service: Site Design/Redesign

Site Design/Redesign

Is this for a new site design, an existing site redesign, and/or site management?

  1. New Site Design
  2. Existing Site Redesign
  3. Site Management

Service: Site Design/Redesign: New Site Design

New Site Design

Congradulations on your new project! RePixelated is more than happy to help you start up. We also include Management services. Be sure to ask about any discounts we may have, especially for new organizations and businesses that are just starting up!

Type Pages Quote
Tiny 1-5 350
Small 6-10 400
Medium 11-20 500
Large 21+ Charged per day

Service: Site Design/Redesign: Existing Site Redesign

Existing Site Redesign

Thank you for considering RePixelated as your partner in this new effort. We also support managed corporate networks, like franchise owners (See below). We also include Management services. Please remember to ask about our discounts to bring the prices down, if they apply. We wish you luck on your quest for the site that meets your vision!

Type Pages Quote
Tiny 1-5 250
Small 6-10 300
Medium 11-20 400
Large 21+ Charged per day

Managed Franchise Sites

Managed sites can be a pain to update, especially if you're running a small operation. You need to focus on you. Our pricing reflects this; take a look below. We also include Management services.

Type Pages Quote
Small 1-10 250
Medium 11-30 300
Large 31+ Starting at 400

Service: Site Design/Redesign: Site Management

Site Management

Sometimes, you need to focus on your business and leave the Website to others. All you need to do is send us the updates, and we'll get them published for you in a timely manner! Due to the uniqueness of each site, "light" and "heavy" updates will vary from project to project. During our conversations, we'll let you know where you fall, and why.

Plan Quote (Monthly)
Standard 50
Frequent 75

Service: App Design

App Design

The Android App Shell is our only current offering, leveraging the flexibility of a responsive Website with the convenience of an application environment.

Our App Shell comes at a reasonable cost, and is generally billed by the size and scope of the landing page/site that needs to be built. A standard App Shell only needs to contain the basics, and can link to the full site (if responsive) for more in-depth details, or for transactions, etc.

Type Pages Quote
Small 1-10 250
Medium 11-30 300
Large 31+ Starting at 400

Service: Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Outer Orbital prices have been varying during the startup phase. However, under most circumstances, each graphic goes for $50. Multiple graphics will receive a slight quantity discount. Contact us for more information.